Stan Rodda

July 29, 2006


It happens to everyone doesn't it. You know, you spend time putting something together for people you care about. Or you do it for someone you love. Maybe it's a nice dinner at home, or a lovely night out on the town. Maybe it's just a nice warm bath at the end of a hard day. You put effort, time, money and most importantly your heart, into it. Then, after all is said and done, and you have put a piece of yourself into something, the person doesn't appreciate it. Your dinner goes without a mention of the hard work. The night out on the town turns into a fight over finances. The warm bath gets cold. When that happens there's a feeling that finds its way to the surface of your being. That feeling you get deep down inside of yourself, you know the one that rips at the very depths of your soul, the feeling that says, "No one cares", or, "She doesn't love me anymore," or, "Why do I even give him second chances?", that's the feeling I want you to imagine. That feeling SUCKS. No one likes to feel that way. And yet millions of us feel it everyday. We try and try and try, but always for someone else. We give it our all and they either don't appreciate it or they just shoot you down and your effort with them turns into a battle for survival. Not a physical survival, but a survival in that relationship, or in your job, or with family. Is there a way to not feel that way? A way to let that feeling go? I don't know for sure. Probably, but is it practical to daily life? I don't know that either. All I know is, I'm tired of trying. I'm tired of trying for people who don't care. How can you look past continual hurts and pains with people who don't give a crap about the work you do? How? But why should I complain. Millions deal with it just like me. I mean, it happens to everyone, doesn't it?