Stan Rodda

July 13, 2005

Dear God...

Everyone in life has questions. Is there a God? And if there is, why is there so much evil in the world? Is God good? We have all these questions and it seems at times as if there are no answers. Well, I'm working on a sermon series for the end of August entitled, "Dear God..." It is a series that will answer the tough questions to God. What is your question for Him? Don't you have one? If you would like, you can ask your question to God online at right now. I look forward to seeing your questions for God. Peace.

July 06, 2005

Long time...

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I updated you all on my life. I have shared some pictures and a few articles, but I haven't really talked about me. (As if it's all about me.) Anyway, life has been really hectic lately. You know how you go for a while and suddenly you realize how completely unorganized you are, and you feel trapped under a pile of papers and books. Well, that's how I felt this past week. I was looking at my desk and office around me and realized, 'I'm one unorganized dude.' So anyway, I couldn't get much done because of the mess, so I called in the pros to come and help me clean up my mess. Misty, Grant and Ashton all came over to the office to help me clean it up a bit and get back on track with this whole organization thing. Grant spilled a cup of water once, and Ashton spilled it twice, so that made the clean up a little more fun. But Misty was a huge help. She was able to come in and look at my office and tell me what I needed to get more organized and she really whipped my office into shape. It's amazing, guess what? Now I can see my desk. I feel like I can actually sit in here without catching something. It's amazing. Well, now that the organization is back in place for the time being, and my brain is finally functioning past, 'Where did I put my sermon under this mountain of garbage?', I think I can finally get something done. Well, take care all, and stay organized. :)